About Cat Over

Just “cat” over yourself!

I used to be full of myself in the past, wayyy before I was interested in fashion. But I realised fashion became a means for me to express myself, even without words.

After a while, I decided to stop feeling sorry or pity for myself, but show my feelings and how I work by donning exactly how I feel.

This became a really powerful way for me to express myself – and I believe it should be this way for anyone who doesn’t really like using words to express themselves.

Thus, I’ve named this blog, “Cat Over” – firstly because I love cats. Secondly, it’s to remind girls who feel sorry for themselves that they should get over themselves – not in a mean way, of course – but to see life beyond their own. There are always a million ways to express themselves. With flowers, or cooking, or dressing up, or singing, dancing, using comedy, acting, skating, or even playing Clash Royale PC!

This blog is a tribute to all people who don’t know how to express themselves but are always trying/learning to.

I hope you’ll enjoy all the weird and wonderful things that I’ll be sharing in here. May they all be useful and inspiring to you in one way or another!