How to Do Audrey Hepburn Inspired Hair?

Audrey Heburn
Inspire Yourself With The Audrey Hepburn Look

When it comes to their hair, many women (and some men) won’t leave home without turning it into something special. For some people, the thought of trying a new style is what it is all about. It is not unreasonable to expect a new design once or twice a month either. Naturally, everyone has a different idea about what looks good on their head, but if the vintage look works for you, then grab some hairspray, a tail comb, a curling wand, a few hair clips and a few hairpins and get ready to inspire yourself with the Audrey Hepburn look.

Just A Twist

Begin by combing out your hair to help remove any tangles and knots. It may not be necessary, but it probably won’t hurt to give it a wash first. Using your tail comb, split your hair from one ear to another across the back, lifting the top-end upwards and holding it there with one of your hairpins. The remaining hair below the split should be made into a pony before applying a French twist to it and curling it upwards. Consider using hairpins that are similar to your hair color, especially since they will be harder to see.

Building a Ponytail

You are now ready to work on the top section of your hair which you will again separate, this time it should be sectioned down the middle of your head. With two more sections of hair to work on, pin the one closest to the forehead and start on the other one which you will need to pull into a high ponytail. There will be some hair left over which you will need to merge with the twist that sits at the back of the head. Finish it up by backcombing it to provide it with more body when the ponytail has been completed.

Working On The Bun

With the desired body on your ponytail roll it upwards and over into itself forming a forward motion and into a bun. Hold the bun in place using a hair clip. To achieve the desired effect proceed to fan out the bun ensuring that all sides are in place and unmovable. With the bun in place, move to the front section of your head. Use an imaginary line and part it from the eyebrows. Pull the hair backward and finish up by wrapping it with the bun. Repeat the process on the other side bringing everything into a tight combination as you pin it together.

The Endgame

The only thing left to do is to finish up the front and create the fringe. Comb out the hair before using your curling wand. Let your wand guide the hair so that it curls inwards to the forehead. When the desired effect has been achieved with your fringe curl, pin it discreetly onto the rest of the hair. The final touch for your Audrey Hepburn look is to apply your hairspray so that the possibility of shifting will be minimized.

Audrey Hepburn always had that royale look about her. Yet, she always maintained a down-to-earth, casual look that complemented her elegance. She seems to be like a clash royale lady!