How To Wear Statement Earrings

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are pieces of jewelry that tell the world a woman wants to be noticed. If you like to be the one everyone looks at when you walk into a room, then statement earrings are a trend that you will love. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to make this fashion trend work, and knowing how to wear statement earrings can mean the difference between a major hit and a total fashion flop. Learn how to wear statement earrings, so you wow the crowd every time you wear them.

When you wear statement earrings, you can either let the earrings be the fashion statement piece and play down the rest of your attire, or you can use statement earrings to play up an already glamorous outfit. The choice is yours, but there is a fine line. After all, you won’t want to pair statement earrings with a too-casual outfit or else you’ll totally miss the mark, nor do you want to wear statement earrings with a super-glam dress or else you’ll look like a pageant girl gone wrong.

When dressed casually but classically, statement earrings are a fabulous addition. Keep in mind, the outfit you choose should be casual but still appropriate and classy. Dark wash jeans and a jewel-toned shirt, for instance, paired with classic pair of tan loafers complement a pair of statement earrings beautifully. Torn light wash jeans with a see-through beach shirt, however, do not. If it’s an outfit you could almost wear to work, the statement earrings are fabulous. If it’s outfit that you are going to wear to the mall, then probably not. Choose wisely.

For evening wear or a night out on the town, your statement earrings are just screaming to go out and play. Pair your statement earrings with a slinky dress that commands attention, but avoid statement earrings with overly sexy pieces. If your dress dips super low in the front or the back or is so high over your knees you can’t bend over for fear of giving your audience a peek, then you should leave your statement earrings at home. However, if your dress is all about fun, flirtation, and glam, then your statement earrings were made for accompanying you. Why not don a pair of skull earrings when you’re out gaming with your buddies and playing Clash of Clans? You can look cool when you game too!

When wearing statement earrings, make them stand out by pulling your hair back in a sleek bun for a night out on the town, or play them down a bit and let them be cheeky by displaying them behind a wisp of long, loose hair. Your hair can tell the world just how you want your statement earrings to show their stuff and can be part of your overall look.

Statement earrings are super fun and daring, and when paired with the right outfits, can be a real fashion statement. Of course, worn incorrectly, statement earrings can be a real mistake as well. Wear them right, and you can stun the world with your fabulous style every single day with you style that is uniquely and fabulously you.