The Best Fashion Tips and How to Apply Them in Real Life

Dressing up is something that everyone does every day, however, putting together an outfit still remains tricky, not to mention frustrating when you’re out of luck. You may have stood in front of a closet teeming with clothes and ended up having nothing to wear.  Know that you’re not alone in this everyday dilemma. Here, we’ve collected expert-approved fashion tips to help you get ready faster (like how fast you can get with free racing games online) with the right choice of wardrobe.

Fashion Tips for Women

Looking for styling tips for clothes? Here are some quick heads-up on making your outfits work for you.

Follow the trends with your age in mind.

Every day, there’s a new fashion trend that wows fashion enthusiasts. While shopping and wearing new outfits are fun, not all styles are suitable for all ages. For instance, crop tops might look good in younger women but awkward in older ladies. However, if you really want to wear a crop top for the day, you can always find a way to hide skin by wearing a long sleeveless top underneath.

Always wear the right bra.

How your breasts look on your chest makes a huge difference in how clothes would look like on you. In short, if you’re wearing a proper-fitting bra, sagging or bulging will be a thing of the past. This can also mean that your physique will look slimmer from every angle. How to make sure you are wearing a right-sized bra? Check if you can squeeze just two fingers under the band of your bra. If it still feels snug with two fingers inserted, you’ve found a perfect fit.”

Balance proportion.

It’s pretty obvious when it comes to styling for fashion — we want to show off our assets like toned arms or curvy waist. However, the tricky part lies on how we can make the less flattering sections for us. One method that’s proven to work is adding opposite volume, like wearing wide-leg pants to balance a heavier upper body that’s wearing a fitted top. The key here is to even yourself out. Another trick is to use distraction. For pear-shaped women, wearing black pants and bringing the focus towards the upper part of the body with a bold scarf is a brilliant way to amp up your style.