Weird And Wonderful Wedding Traditions From Around The World

Weird and wonderful things about marriage
In a majority of countries, wedding ceremonies are valued more than the fact that so and so are getting married. Different cultures and religions have different ways in which they mark these occasions. This leaves the bride and groom with so much to worry about other than just the speeches that will be made. Some of these weird tradition include:
1) Blackening the brideThis is a tradition practiced in Scotland bride is where the bride is exposed to pre-wedding humiliation extreme party usually found on hen and stag. Here the bride is paraded in town where she is decorated with a concoction of rubbish, eggs, baked beans, and fish.

2) Foot whipping

A traditional practice in South Korea which involves the beating of the groom’s bare feet by fellow groomsmen. It is done the night before his wedding and is always referred to as falaka or bastinado. The beating is either done using a cane or fish and is taken as a test of the groom’s character and strength.

3) Hindu wedding exchange

During the exchange of vows, the ring is always put on fingers in most wedding ceremonies. Hindus brides instead put their rings on their left foot.

4) Kiss the bride

This is a Danish wedding tradition where everybody feels the love on the big day. If the bride leaves the table during the reception, all the female in the bridal party rush to kiss the groom. This too happens to the bride, when the groom nips either to the toilet or bar.

5) Jumping the broom

This is an activity that originates from America’s Deep South. Was practiced by African- American couples during slavery since intermarriages were not allowed. Jumping of the broom was used in place of the wedding by the slave. As a tribute to the past generations many African – Americans still jump the broom.

6) Housebound honeymooners

In Indonesia, honeymooners are held in their homes for three days after the wedding. This might even restrict them from going to the washrooms. The house arrest at this period is believed to come up with a happy marriage with babies that are healthy.

7) Weeping wedding party

Preparations for the wedding day can drain the bride emotionally. In China, the bride is prepared in advance for a whole month where they are allowed an hour per day to weep. Later in the month the bridal group joins and compose a celebratory weeping song. All the weeping seriously can make it a place for subway surfers to flourish, in our opinion!

8) Stealing more than hearts

Practiced in India. It is a traditional game played in celebration of the couples union where the groom’s shoe shoes are stolen. The groom’s family must ensure the shoes do not fall into the mitts of the bride’s family. If they are stolen the groom’s family has to pay a ransom for them to get them back.

9) Hand-me-down handkerchief

In Belgium, it is a tradition for every family to have a handkerchief given out and decorated by the bride from one generation to another.